Carroll Coalition Against Underage Drinking


Community Outreach, Training and Public Awareness

The Coalition provides a network for groups throughout the community to address underage drinking prevention and support healthy youth development. Our members are actively pursuing public awareness and policy issues that will reduce youth access to alcohol. The Coalition hosts and participates in community events to raise awareness of underage drinking prevention. Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.

Underage Drinking Prevention Strategies are supported through the Maryland Strategic Prevention Framework Funding (2011-2015) and additional funding is provided by the Bureau of Prevention, Wellness and Recovery-Substance Abuse Prevention Office of the Carroll County Health Department.

Coalition Needs Assessment - PDF

Alcohol Retail Compliance Checks

Techniques of Alcohol Management Training (TAM)

Underage Drinking Prevention Awareness Campaigns

Carroll County Underage Drinking Tips Line

Law Enforcement Party Patrols

Parents Who Host Lose the Most Social Host Prevention

Save Your Brain Challenge Contest

Breathalyzers in Carroll County High Schools