Party Sober? You can have fun without drinking!

                                                                                                                                            College students around the county are starting a new trend-Party Sober and with a Purpose.

party-sober-2Host a whodunnit night, plan lots of party games that require skill and bright thinking or show movies are just a few ideas. When people are focused on an actual activity rather than simply gathering, there is often a lot less pressure to drink and a lot more pressure to stay focused on the tasks at hand. It’s still fun, as the mind is occupied in achieving something!



Plan a themed party without alcohol.  Write your ideas here-be specific and creative, put your thoughts and ideas into action.  Party Sober!

New Social Hosting Campaign Supported by SAMHSA

The coalition is launching a new social host prevention campaign in Carroll County MD. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has supported the creation of this prevention campaign titled; Don’t Be a Friend.  Be a Parent.  Ads will appear on Carroll Area Transit Ads (CATS) and a 30 second Public Service Announcement will air during the holidays at Regal Westminster 9  movie theater.  photo (25)

I knew someone who…

The consequences of underage drinking affects everyone; teens, young adults, parents and extended family and their community.  I’m asking people to write about someone they knew and how alcohol has affected their lives.

“I knew someone who…”